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Testimonial – Fred & Vallerie from Queensland…

I found the rooms very clean, did not smell, comfy queen bed and was suprised by the complimentary cooked breakfast which you don’t see much anymore. The lift to the rooms was very handy for us as Fred has a bad knee. I commend you to the Knickerbocker Hotel as it is quite and in the middle of town. 


Bathurst – What to see & do

Bathurst, also known as ‘Gold Country,’ is one of Australia’s oldest inland settlements. Bathurst is steeped in rich history and is a gateway to former gold rush towns. Located in a lovely environment with warm summers, crisp winters and pristine spring and Autumn climates;

Bathurst is one of the region’s pre-eminent tourist destinations, offering a host of attractions and activities. You can’t miss the Australian Fossil and Mineral Museum that provides knowledge and fun for the entire family. There’s also the Memorial Walk Museum that offers visitors an insight into the wealth of history that the town contains. There’s also the Abercrombie Caves to the south with a majestic archway serving as the entrance to this natural wonder. Barcoos Barn offers a unique farming experience allowing your children or your inner child to enjoy all the simple pleasures farming life offers.

Of course, Bathurst is synonymous with its annual motor race; the Bathurst 1000. Visit the National Motor Museum which offers you the chance to race on the Mount Panorama Motor Racing Circuit! Unfortunately; speed demons will be limited to 60 km/h but the experience is unmatched.

There are a multitude of activities to enjoy once you get to Bathurst. Feel free to plan on your own holiday or to take advantage of one of the many tours on offer. Don’t miss out on the dining options that offer unique dishes only found in Bathurst. lists more information on Bathurst.